Welcome! Why Choose Us?

The better we can communicate the more successful we become in our professional and personal lives.

  • You are a professional, you speak English and want to improve your accent and pronunciation?
  • You have international colleagues who speak English but not your own language?
  • You want to be more at ease with general conversation and 'smalltalk' with colleagues?
  • You often give presentations in English and want to run through them with a native speaker?
  • You attend international conferences and need to understand rapid spoken English?
  • You need practice on the phone in English, when you can't use gestures to communicate!?
  • You want more career opportunities and need help focusing on improving your English and future career/life plans - see links to your right which we have read and highly recommend


The pachamama Alliance

MYMONDE is passionate about humanitarian/disaster relief and the environment. MYMONDE will donate 3% of profits every year to the following charities:
ShelterBox 2%
The Pachamama Alliance 1%...

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Amazon Rainforest